22 Feb 2016

Free SEO Cost Calculator

Free SEO Cost Calculator - it will gather all backlinks of your website and 3 of your competitors from Google Top 10 for your keyword; then it will compare your website's backlink profile and your competitors' backlink profiles, and based on the comprehensive SEO analysis, it will tell you:

How many backlinks you have, compared to your competitors with your keyword.
How much it will cost you to get in the Top 10 of Google for your keywords.
How many links you need with specific PageRanks and specific anchor texts to get in the Top 10.

How long it will take ?

Based on Natural PageRank Distribution Formula and Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula, it will prepare a detailed link building plan for you, letting you know how many links you need to build per week with different kind of anchor texts (broad keyword match, exact keyword match, with URL, domain, etc) for your campaign to look natural, and with different PageRanks.
It will also let you know whether your website is over-optimized and penalized by Google or not. If it is, our Free SEO Calculator will provide you with the exact plan of what you need to do to get rid of the penalty!

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