27 Oct 2011

Why Mobile Marketing is So Powerful

Mobile marketing has the power to reach more people with less competition. You won’t have to compete with hundreds of spam emails ,and you can reach people in just minutes . There won’t be another method with this much potential to come along for decades, and it’s still in its infancy. I suggest jumping on this incredibly powerful method right now , rather than wondering later , “Why didn’t I jump on this when I had the chance?”
As more  people get smartphones with Internet access , there will be more people using their phones to search for information on businesses . If a potential customer finds your website on their cell phone and tries to look on a 3-4 inch screen what would normally be viewed on a 15-22 inch screen , they may get frustrated and leave your site and end up going to a competitor’s website that is optimized for their cell phone . Some sites , such as blogs and those in WordPress in particular , can have just a few  minor adjustments made to bring this about . This minor adjustment can even make your website mobile , so it will show the regular site if someone visits from a computer and the mobile site if someone visits on their  phone . Mobile landing pages can be an opt in page, a coupon or even an advertisement for a product or service . They are a compact and fast way  to promote something to a potential client or to get them to take advantage of a promotion and follow the rule of getting your message across with much more speed .
You can market almost anything with mobile marketing . It’s ideal to promote local businesses , but you can also promote your own online products , membership websites , and much more .
Here are some ideas:

# Create your own information product
# Set up a membership site and charge a monthly fee
# Promote CPA offers and generate leads for other companies
# Offer mobile marketing services to local business for a fee
# Review affiliate products on a blog and point people there
# Provide services such as graphics design or blog building

These are just a few of the ways to profit with mobile marketing . Almost anything can be promoted using this method . Mobile marketing is soon going to blow other marketing methods out of the water , and it’s time to get in on the ground floor . Right now ,VERY few marketers are using this method, so it’s the perfect time to get started .

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