12 Jan 2012

Birmingham Social Media Consultant

If you are a business that may do better when your customers do well, then try  helping them increase their business by introducing more effective marketing strategies , you`ll get the knock on effect of them spending more with you.
It will also add value to your customers experience with you as you are ‘giving back’.
This method also helps to reactivate old customers that may have stopped doing business with you for one reason or another.
I have used this method of marketing with accountants, wholesalers and distributors with great success, all of them increasing the amount of revenue that is normally spent with them , gaining new clients and getting old clients back into the fold.
If you only ever send out offers to your customer base you will find that your response rates will drop over time, you need to be sending regular emails that provide something of value to your customers , such as tips on making the most out your product or service or how to get free extra`s or updates .

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